Summer in November! WYAAP announces CTP celebration

October 28, 2020 – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific launches Seas The Moment, a mocktail-making night with Online CTP trainees and trainers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put online Certified Training Program trainings in full-throttle. Hundreds of interested AP youth signed-up for several regular and intensive CTP classes over the past few months, discussing the philosophies behind dignity and the foundation of WYA’s mission.

A time of great global solidarity, the sessions also provided a venue for these young people to discuss these issues with human dignity at the roots of the discussions. (Read trainee blog: The Quest To Learning About Dignity)

WYAAP thanks its dedicated trainers and trainees over the past few months for taking on this journey with WYA at this time; this event is a nod to them. Imagining a summer in November, the attendees will be making mocktails during the event and recalling the most inspiring moments from the online sessions.

The event is open to all certified members in Asia Pacific! Sign-up here today (