Support our DDD regional celebrations ‘The HUMAN project’

Dear friends of World Youth Alliance in Europe,

The elections of the European Parliament are recently over and we are happy to share with you some good news from our World Youth Alliance office based in Brussels, at the heart of the EU Institutions.

2008 was a year of growth for WYA in Europe and we engage daily with the European Institutions in every important matter in the area of human rights, bioethics, family, education, development and health. Our European 2008 Newsletter in English is online! Translations in other languages are available upon request.

In 2009, we celebrate our ten years of existence after the World Youth Alliance founding at the ”Cairo+5” conference. Following up on our Gala in March in New York, WYA Europe will mark this anniversary by gathering hundreds of young people through ”The HUMAN Project” to promote ”Education for Life and Dignity”. Indeed, we remain faithful to our mission to promote human dignity and a culture of life where it is the most needed and difficult. The radical demands that we faced ten years ago are now implemented in school programs. In many European countries, sexual education and so called ‘citizenship’ classes threaten the integral development of children and of free just societies.

The goal of ”the HUMAN project” is to recenter our education policies on the human person’s integral development, dignity and on the primarily role of the family in raising the new generations. Local events have already taken place in Paris, London, Madrid and Vienna and participants are preparing for the final event on September 2nd through the 5th in Brussels. This will be the opportunity of deep discussions and trainings between young people and politicians, new members of the European Parliament and academics! Simultaneously, the participants are  also invited to express the beauty of love and the gift of self through an inspiring photo contest called ‘Let’s Talk About Love’.

We need your help to enable the young people to share this strong message of hope with Europe’s leaders. The World Youth Alliance is only funded by private donors and we would like to invite as many young people from diverse back grounds as possible to Brussels. We are therefore grateful for any financial support. If you would like to support us, please visit our ”donate” webpage.

You will find a brief description of ”The HUMAN Project” in our 2008 newsletter (last page) and we are happy to provide you with more details upon request. Thank you very much for your attention and friendship.



Yours sincerely,  

Francois Jacob, Regional Director
Iris Reinmiedl, Regional Director of Operations