Sure’nuff, Texas Couldn’t Resist WYA

Texan intern Carissa Tinley went back to her roots last week to bring WYA to the Lone Star State. She travelled to universities and high schools across the state, presenting WYA’s history, the importance of human dignity, and ways to get involved.

Attendance grew at each location, from a modest turnout at Baylor University, to a small auditorium at University of Dallas, to hundreds of students at Tivy High School. Students from all backgrounds were impressed with and interested in WYA’s work, voicing their eagerness to attend the Emerging Leaders Conference, start a chapter, apply for an internship, and begin the Track A Training!


IMG_7911 (1)

Students were quick to express their gratitude to the organization for traveling to their schools. “Thank you for coming to UD,” one student said. “I definitely want to do the Track A Training.”

Tinley’s presentation at Tivy High School was especially impactful, as Tivy is her alma mater. Counselor Lyslee Cook commented on this, saying, “It’s just so great to see an alumnus come back so soon and to be doing what you’re doing. This is great work.”

Students continued to pack the auditorium throughout the day, and even the youngest were empowered; many freshmen expressed their interest in beginning work with WYA as soon as possible. “We want to find out more about fundraising to go to the November Conference,” one young girl said as she approached Tinley with her friend. “It seems like a great opportunity.”

This initial trip laid the groundwork for the implementation of WYA programs such as chapters, Track A Training and HDC, as well as generated contacts for future WYA Texas Tours. Stay tuned for updates on where we’ll be next!

Want WYA North America to come to your school? Email us at to find out how to make that happen!