Thank you for your support to WYA’s great milestones this year; Meet 2017 WYA Ball Awardee Olivia Raw; Support FEMM’s Kickstarter campaign | December 2016

In this month’s newsletter, we feature WYA’s 2017 Kathryn Hoomkwap Awardee Olivia Raw. Celebrate WYA’s 18th Birthday with WYA members and friends around the world on March 25 in New York City. Early bird tickets are available until December 31. Purchase your tickets today.

FEMM, WYA’s affiliate women’s health program, launched its first Kickstarter to raise funds for the Android version of the FEMM Women’s Health app. Click here to support the campaign.

We thank all WYA members and alumni for their commitment to WYA’s mission and passion in making a difference. Here’s a special video of WYA’s 2016 Milestones around the world.

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“My life wouldn’t be the same without WYA”: Meet Olivia Raw, WYA’s 2017 Ball Awardee

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“WYA gave me a deeper core as a person. It’s like the roots of a tree. It gave me solid grounding on what is human dignity. Who am I? Where do I come from? My core values were strengthened. The branches of the tree are all of the WYA friends that I met and continued to keep. My life wouldn’t be the same without WYA,” said Olivia Raw, WYA Europe’s first Regional Director of Operation.

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Purchase your ticket to World Youth Alliance’s 18th Birthday Ball on or before December 31

WYA members and friends from around the world are invited to come to New York City and celebrate WYA’s 18th birthday and to recognize the 2017 Kathryn Hoomkwap Awardee.

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Support FEMM’s Kickstarter Campaign for the Women’s Health Android App


FEMM’s first Kickstarter campaign is now running to fund our FEMM Women’s Health Android app development, and we are tracking exactly 40% funded at 44% of our campaign time.

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Thank you for your support to WYA’s great milestones this year

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Human Rights Day: Foundations of Human Dignity

WYA Founder Anna HalpineEleanor Roosevelt, Chair of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Drafting Committee, holding the final version in Spanish.

In honor of the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, World Youth Alliance has republished remarks from founder Anna Halpine explaining the connection between human dignity and the human rights project.

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