The World Youth Alliance Middle East took part in the AUB NGO fair on the 18th and 19th of April from 10am-2pm at the AUB campus. Regional Director of Operations Laura El Khoury and interns Otto Kaplas and Jennifer Miftaroska were at the WYAME booth for the 18th while only the interns were at the event on the 19th.

During both days of the fair, nearly 60 students and interested individuals visited the WYA booth. They were informed about WYA’s work and values, and its programs such as the UNDEF Emerging Leaders of the Arab region and the Internship program. A large amount of students that visited the booth also signed the charter and took part in a short quiz.


The students were asked to complete quotes taken from articles in our training program as if they were the authors. This small quiz motivated them to start asking more about our Certified Training Program (CTP).

Many other NGOs that were at the fair were interested in collaborating with WYA in the future and many teachers took materials to be shared with students in class.