The Launching of the First National Committee in Morocco

World Youth Alliance Middle East is pleased to share with you the launching of the First National Committee(NC) in Morocco. It serves as a coordinating body to facilitate cooperation and communication between WYA members at a national level and the Regional office.

With the growing number of Certified members in Morocco, the NC was created by motivated members in coordination with the Regional office to work hand in hand in promoting and sustaining the mission and work of WYA.

Said Ousaka, the first NC Coordinator shared:

“I signed the charter in 2012 and applied for the Track-A training online. My great interest in the World Youth Alliance mission gave me great energy and motivation to carefully read and analyze the chapters of Track A to fully understand the mission. I completed Track A with a grade over 95. Because of my great interest and strong belief in promoting Human Dignity, I was eager to get more involved with WYA. The Track-A Training Of Trainers (ToT) was the perfect opportunity. Becoming the first certified trainer in Morocco made me feel I had a big responsibility to make it work in my country. Thanks to the training, my skills and my motivation, I was able to successfully lead several workshops and expand my network of motivated members. With the Emerging Leaders in the Arab Region Program, I had a chance to meet and work with youth coming from different backgrounds and from different regions of Morocco. They were not only highly motivated as emerging leaders for UNDEF project but also as WYA members. The preparations through community awareness projects have been good opportunities for members to express different ways to promote Human Dignity. This further motivated me to invest their ideas and their motivation in doing more activities to better enlarge our network and membership in different parts of the country. With all the opportunities we have on hand, I believe the National Committee is a necessity in Morocco so that  all the members and work that we do can be organized to work under a legal frame, especially since most of the members are high school and university students. Having a NC will allow us to create chapters at schools and universities and coordinate their activities. With my professional experience as a trainer, with strong coordination, organizational, and interpersonal skills, I am strongly confident I will be able to  lead and coordinate the NC in a professional way to meet the expectations of the World Youth Alliance in Morocco.”

The NC has Abdellah N’aaicha as its Secretary, Miloud Sabili as its Treasurer; and Iman Moussaoui, Otmane Eloifi, Youssef Seggari, Hamza Azaoui, Ahmed Salhi as dedicated members of the Committee.

We wish them the best of luck in their mandate!