The Scoop on North America’s Regional Activity


The World Youth Alliance North America has identified Development and Youth as the two main advocacy areas that will be incorporated into every area of our work in 2006, from participation in the international institutions to cultural events and grassroots initiatives.  From February through May, we will participate in four UN Commissions that examine various issues within these broad categories, including maternal health, poverty, HIV/AIDS, the relation of human dignity to labor and trade, equal participation of women and men in society, international migration, and sustainable energy and the environment. We will host students and young professionals at each of these commissions, providing them with training in diplomacy and language and incorporating them into our participation at the UN.  For further information on Commission activities, please visit



North America has completed its first large-scale outreach effort, as the N.A. staff spent four weeks traveling around the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada to provide introductory training sessions and mobilize members.  The Road Show ran from early October through early November and included stops at universities including Michigan, Notre Dame, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, Villanova, Seton Hall, Virginia, George Washington, and Duke.  We hope to make the Road Trip an annual outreach event and to expand to a different region each year.  Read Megan’s Road Trip Updates and view pictures from this year’s trip!


The weekend of January 20 through 22 will be dedicated to training those interested in representing the Alliance as Certified Members, individuals who are qualified to speak to and train others on behalf of the Alliance.  Sessions will cover human dignity philosophy and its implications in policy and culture and provide skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and knowledge of UN history and procedures.  Please find details here.


North America traveled to Washington, D.C. and Seton Hall, New Jersey to offer specific trainings in Negotiation and Diplomacy.  Through simulation exercises, participants grappled with issues such as Maternal Health Care and Development Aid.  Foreign Service representatives taught lessons in Media Relations, Language, and Negotiation Techniques.  An additional Negotiation Training is scheduled at Villanova University in the spring.In August 2006, each of the regions convened in Cologne, Germany at World Youth Day to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Poland’s Solidarity movement.  In March of 2006, WYA will gather in New York to host the International Solidarity Forum, a week of roundtable discussions, training sessions, and cultural events attended by members from throughout the world.


In conjunction with each of our regions, WYA is honoring the UN’s Year of the Habitat in 2006 by launching our “Viviamo!” (We live!) Habitat Contest.  North America is currently identifying a hurricane-devastated site that we will help to reconstruct in a way that most fully and sustainably supports the growth and development of the human person.  Each region’s project will be showcased along with written and artistic reflections on how the structures of our society can better respect human dignity, particularly through architecture and design, on UN World Habitat Day in October of 2006.