The Spectacular Trip to Rwanda

 The Spectacular Trip to Rwanda – July 10th to 17th 2006

The World Youth Alliance – Africa director of operations and a member of the World Youth Alliance International’s Executive Board Miss Mary Moorman visited several Universities and Institutions in Rwanda from 10th to 17th July 2006.  They made visits to Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Kigali City, Universite Libre De Kigali in Gisenyi which is a few kilometers from Democratic Republic of Congo and the National University of Butare which is a few kilometers from Burundi.

 The Rwanda Core team at Gisenyi Campus

Happy faces of the core team after Training

The beauty of the trip was to see the potential and the eagerness the young people have to change the world. In our series of training and talks with young people we discovered we can touch more hearts, we can keep our leaders on their toes and we can protect our future by speaking one language and articulating the same things affecting us around the globe.

 Over 1000 students at the Gisenyi Campus being addressed  by WYA  officials

A student asking a question at Gisenyi Campus

We realized the power and the efforts the young people have. We were not making them leaders by word but leaders who have a vision and who are ready to protect the dignity of the human person and his rights in every level. The best way to achieve these goals is by making the young people read and think.

 WYA members at Kigali Insititute

WYA official addressing students at KIST

We have great hope in the young people of Rwanda. They showed us what they are capable of in defending the dignity and the rights of every human person.

Students at National University of Butare reading WYA Charter

A total of 305 young people signed the WYA charter.