The success of the WYALA Giveaway Campaign

The World Youth Alliance Latin America is delighted to announce the success of the Giveaway Campaign.

As a branch of a non-governmental organization, the World Youth Alliance Latin America is always looking for new strategies that benefit the continuous growth of the WYALA, but also contribute to society. By desiring to be more and more united to seek projects that impact the youth and our future, the Giveaway Campaign was elaborated as a raffle in which our #DignityDefenders could buy a ticket in order to participate for more than 9 prizes. 

The WYALA Regional Office had an amazing collaboration with El mundo de Mich, Nutritionist Lorena Kiara Chau, The Clown School from Argentina, Nutritionist Diana Otero, the pastry specialist Natalia Montúfar, the digital illustrator Ciudadano Cae and Daniela Otoya’s Mamivendelotodo import school. Some offered personalized digital arts, counseling sessions and scholarships, all WYALA members are very delighted with their participation in the Giveaway campaign.

We had a commendable result by selling nearly 161 tickets to get all the offered prizes, so WYALA was able to raise about 263 US dollars! The Regional Office is extremely excited with the efforts of all people involved in the campaign, as much as sellers, and buyers. The campaign was a success!

An Instagram Live was held to in order to announce the winners. The #DignityDefenders who won the counseling session on nutrition were: Luis Vega, and Andrés Tume; the scholarship awardees were: Sofia Bautista, Felipe Vargas, Jennifer Carrasco, and Ricardo Lopez. Finally, the last but not the least: the winners to get personalized digital arts were: Nicole Monge, Raúl Hernández, and Nilceia Moutinho.

It is significant to make known that WYA is a BBB Accredited Charity, and it has a Gold Star Seal of Transparency under GuideStar. As to contribute to WYLA’s incredible purpose, you can make a donation addressed to WYALA. We hope to continue our mission spreading WYA’s principles around Latin America and the Caribbean!

You are all contributing to WYALA in achieving its goals in the protection of human dignity. Thank you for the support.