The World Bank Group: Lebanon Systematic Country Diagnostic


Beirut, April 6th—The World Bank Group in partnership with the Institute of Political Sciences, USJ (Saint Joseph University) organized the launching of its report “Lebanon Systematic Country Diagnostic”.

Dr. Eric Le Borgne, Lead Economist at the World Bank presented the report and elaborated its fundamental parts.

Mr. Thomas Jacobs, Principal Country Officer at the World Bank enlightened the content of the report, describing the challenges facing Lebanon on the political, economic and social levels.

Later on, three speakers gave their comments on the report highlighting its strengths and weak points. Dr. Marwan Barakat, Group Chief Economist & Head of Research, Bank Audi insisted on the role of banks and private sector in the Lebanese economy. Dr. Kamal Hamdan, Managing Director of the Consultative and Research Institute and Dr. George Corm, Professor at the Institute of Political Sciences and Former Minister of Finance had more critical comments on the role of the world bank in shaping the Lebanese economy.

At the end the floor was open for questions and answers for the public, where WYAME stressed that a person-centered solution is the way to go.