Thousands Celebrate Life with WYA at World Youth Day

From July 23rd to 28th, 2013  the World Youth Alliance team was at World Youth Day (WYD) in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) inviting Young people to join WYA in the promotion of human dignity. The WYD attracted around 3.7 millions young people from around the world. The WYA team, led by Jessica Baptista and Kateri Salas, was supported by WYA Dignity Ambassadors Alan Bidart from Argentina; Miguel Vera-Cruz from Australia; Victor Herrera and Gaby Ramírez from Mexico. WYA activities involved events from attending the UN Debate about Youth And a Culture of Peace to talking with the groups of different countries about what Human Dignity means to interviews with a TV station.

The World Youth Alliance invited people for a specific purpose, to celebrate Life with WYA through the campaign “I Celebrate Life”. During the Youth festival on the sideline of WYD, the WYA team held a photo exhibition showing young people from around the world sharing reasons why they celebrate life.  The WYA team was also present at the Vocational Fair and at Copacabana beach for the daily events, where thousands of people were able join WYA´s celebration of life by signing our Charter and building a stronger and bigger coalition of young people that work every day for Life and Human Dignity. This campaign was also available online where young people were able to join from home.

From South Korea to Brazil, people were eager to support and learn of ways to get involved to promote and Celebrate Life; they invited their friends and groups to join too and made sure than as many young people as possible were part of WYA´s work for Human Dignity.

So like they did, don´t miss another day and Join WYA to Celebrate Life by signing our Charter!


Thank you to every person involved in making this possible!