Timmy dela Cruz

Timmy is currently studying in Ateneo de Manila University, majoring in European Studies, International Relations track. She is also taking a minor in Hispanic Studies. She first got involved with the World Youth Alliance in the summer of 2007 as an Intern in the Asia Pacific office.

One can never miss Timmy in a room full of people. Though small (and sometimes thought of as a 15 year old), she makes sure she is noticed by all. Her characteristic mannerisms and quirky attitude turns heads where ever she goes. Her goal in life is to be able to obtain a red passport and line up at the shortest immigration line in airports all over the world. She also wants to have a house by the Mediterranean Sea with a roof top as big as Des Go’s helipad so that she can lie down and watch the stars.

She enjoys eating, specifically bacon and peaches, as well as listening to good music. Good music is defined as Paramore and Incubus. Dancing is her passion as well as watching TV. Her watch list includes Heroes, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars (even though it got cancelled), The Tudors, Ugly Betty and bad reality shows. Timmy collects chick lit; this started when her cousin gave her all her Sweet Valley books. She also enjoys reading her uncle’s extensive book collection whenever she happens to be at his house. She enjoys the company of her friends, who are usually somewhat like her, or puts up with her. Her friends should always be a part of her everyday life because she will not be able to go through a day without contact with other people.