Track A Training in Lebanon

 Lebanon Online Training Course Launch


Do human rights grant human dignity or is human dignity foundational to understanding human rights?

What is the nature of human freedom?

Does objective value exist?

What is the influence that art has on a particular culture or society?

Is overpopulation the root cause of poverty in developing nations?

How does the United Nations and European Union work?


Interested in exploring all these questions and engaging with Lebanon and the world?

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In order to create a grassroots movement of WYA members in Lebanon and the Middle East, we need a core group of certified members that have successfully completed WYA’s training material, understand our positions and how we work. This will build a solid foundation for WYA to launch an office in Beirut and a strong momentum to grow WYA’s base in the Middle East.



From December 15, 2010 to February 28, 2011, WYA will work with our contacts in Lebanon to identify five to ten top students as potential Track A candidates. Track A participates can be high school age, college and graduate students, or young adults up to age thirty. On March 1, 2011, Track A participants will commence their coursework via our online training zone. Track A students will work to complete their Track A from March – June 3, 2011. After successful completion and accreditation, these candidates will be eligible to apply for a  New York based fellowship program beginning in September 2011. Up to two applicants will be accepted. In addition, Track A participants in Beirut will be able to meet on a regular basis to discuss the Track A readings and initiate WYA-related projects.


Other Benefits:

In addition to the fellowship opportunity in New York, successful participants will also be invited to apply for our International Solidarity Forum which takes place every March at WYA Headquarters and the United Nations, participate in WYA delegations at UN commissions, and join us at our International Summer Camp in July 2011.

Please e-mail Christopher White at for more information.