Track A Training Weekend

Track A Training Weekend : 23rd – 25th June, London

European staff of WYA led a successful weekend training in south London. Participants studied and discussed the texts of WYA Track A. Members of the UK National Committee are now training other young people and planning a Member event in London this September. Please email if you are interested in attending future events in UK or setting up a similar training weekend in your area.

WYA Europe staff led a successful weekend training in Balham attended by around 20 young people. It was aimed at National Committee members from four countries, with a special focus on the training and strategic planning for the UK National Committee. New members and former interns who gathered together for the weekend experienced a very generous welcome from the local community! The weekend was a vibrant combination of intensive training and philosophical discussions on Track A materials, together with group work, negotiation simulations, presentations, meals and socialising.  Philosophical and policy discussions often linked back to the present cultural and political situation in the UK and France; participants drew upon their study of ideas to draft an outline declaration on human freedom and formulate proposals for training seminars and cultural projects aimed at highlighting the dignity of the terminally ill and dying and the dignity of motherhood.