WYA France Holds Training for Human Dignity Defenders

April 27, 2021 – WYA France successfully held the 6 day online project Training for Human Dignity Defenders supported by the Erasmus+ program.  

While originally intended to take place in the WYA France Chapter city of Lyon in France, the Training for Human Dignity Defenders was finally held online from April 22nd until April 27th with partner organisations from Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Romania, Spain and France. 29 youth leaders from all over Europe joined the video calls for the duration of the project,  participating in the debates and discussions on how to develop projects specifically targeted on local youth engagement, how to reach hard-to-reach-youth and involve them in these initiatives. 

The project was a success and new plans and goals for dissemination activities were agreed upon on the last day. Blog posts by some of our participants can be found here and here.

When asked whether they would recommend this event to others, one of the participants shared the following: “Yes I would, because it gave you a lot of useful information (about how to set up a project, SMART Goals, social media strategy etc.) and also because of the many concrete ideas presented from the participants. The testimony were really amazing and motivating to take action oneself! Moreover, I think it was really good that it was not more than 2 hours per day. Thank you very much for organising this event.”

More information about this project and the ones to come as a result can be found on Facebook (@WYAFrance) and Instagram (@wyafrly).