Training of Trainers and CTP Session in Rabat

May 12th, WYAME held a dual-purpose session of Training of Trainers and a Certified Training Program involving 26 participants in the Faculté des sciences d’education in Rabat. The Training of Trainers session introduced certified members to the basic characteristics of a trainer, provided  training tips and an introduction to the training methodology, and assessed their capabilities through rigorous training simulations. Afterward, participants discussed WYA values and how they relate to their daily lives and plans.

On the other hand, the intensive Certified Training Program session, held for interested Charter members in Morocco, covered all of the CTP’s chapters. Numerous fruitful discussions were held between the CTP and ToT participants with regards to current issues in light of the topics which the CTP chapters covered.

Furthermore, WYAME presented to Mr. Said Ousaka, Coordinator of the Moroccan National Committee, the Victor Frankl award for his praiseworthy efforts in heightening the growth of WYA and in pursuing its mission to promote human dignity. The award was presented to Mr. Ousaka in a congratulatory atmosphere surrounded by his fellow WYA members.

Overall, the session yielded 18 CTP trainers which will be supporting the National Committee of Morocco in its future events and in meeting the increased demand by Moroccan youth for the Certified Training Program in the workshop format.