Universitas and FEMM team conduct FEMM Intro Session

October 3, 2020, Manila, PhilippinesFertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) partnered with Universitas Foundation Inc. for a successful FEMM talk and intro session. With over 80 young professionals, medical experts and students from all over the region in attendance, the talk served as a platform for not only a talk on the science behind the FEMM approach but also case studies and stories from the FEMM team.

Led by FEMM CEO Anna Halpine, the event took the participants through the importance of hormonal health and ovulation as a sign of health. Anna dove right into the policy wheel, which was then followed by a discussion on the FEMM protocol and charting led by Dr. Lindsay Rerko, FEMM Health Center from Ohio and Celine Kinneberg RN.

The event was moderated by Universitas’s representative and current FEMM Student, Dr. Kristine Sunga and World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Regional Director Miko Superable.

FEMM is an affiliate women’s health program of the World Youth Alliance. Know more here.