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Viviamo! 2008 Solidarity Experience
Cracow, Poland, July 15th -24th

Viviamo! Solidarity Experiene took place in Cracow in mid-July 2008 and gathered participants from different parts of the world: Costa Rica, Peru/Spain, Austria, Romania, Russia, Croatia, France, Italy and Poland. 

The 10-day-programme consisted of lectures, workshops, volunteer work with children and the elderly in need as well as sightseeing, trips and a variety of leisure activities. This year we partnered with the Cracow-based-NGO, The Spring Foundation, which is involved in a variety of grassroots development projects and coordinates volunteer work locally.

WYA members reflected upon the meaning of solidarity as a value in their personal lives and in society and could observe how the Solidarity movement influenced Polish history. Thanks to the volunteer work with children and the elderly the Viviamo participants had an opportunity to discover how important solidarity is, especially when exercised in a simple daily self-gift to others. They had a chance to share this experience with Cracowian citizens and tourists during the "Solidarity event" on the Main Square. Click here to read more.  



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