Viviamo Summer School: Day 1 – Introduction


3pm – The Summer School officially starts with the introduction to the many World Youth Alliance (WYA) staff and the Romanian co-ordinators Father Flavius and Dana Mihet. We give a brief introduction to the programme of the Summer School; including the many inspiring speakers and the diverse cultural trips which will serve as a true living experience of the themes and ideas we will discuss.


4pm – Emilia Klepacka (European Director of World Youth Alliance) presents the WYA Charter  and gives the participants a diverse and interesting presentation on the founding ideas and activities of WYA. Through using the speech ‘Human Dignity and Totalitarianism’ by Anna Halpine, Emilia introduces the themes that would be discussed throughout the 2 weeks of ‘Viviamo – The Art of Living’; dignity, solidarity, culture, policy and ideologies that denigrated the dignity of the person, like communism.


5pm – Emilia goes on to lead a fascinating and interactive discussion on the meaning of dignity and how this concept of dignity can be out into practice in our daily lives. There is a great sharing of ideas and experiences which helps us to build a foundation of solidarity and friendship.


6pm – The final exercise of the afternoon is to create a declaration on Marriage using the WYA Charter and declarations as a basis. We split into two groups according to the two main languages; English and Romanian. Within the creation of this new declaration, there is a fantastic discussion based on the principles and ideas of the role of man and women, the importance of family in society and the creation of new life. There are some interesting points made on the denigration of marriage and the importance of realising ones role in a relationship – in accordance to self-gift.


7pm – After an intensive day of discussion and presentation, some leave for home with the promise to return early next morning and others stay on to help with dinner and talk more to Viviamo staff and participants.