Viviamo Summer School: Day 12 – Concluding discussions: habitat and development; art, architecture, beauty, policy and culture

Concluding discussions: habitat and development; art, architecture, beauty, policy and culture

Thank you Presentations

Day 12

Friday 28th July 2006


Our two weeks Summer School finishes more symbolically! We watch a DVD presentation which documents one individual’s passion to restore traditional Transylvanian habitat. The author of the short documentary – Count Tibor Kalnoky – is very receptive to our impressions and ideas. Once again we touch upon the problem of trying to define kitch in art and architecture. We reflect on the legacy of communism, the need for harmony and beauty and the distinct quality of fine detail which infuses a sense of humanity and human effort into a work of art or architecture.  Count Tibor responds kindly to each of our challenging questions, even though our wonder and curiosity seem to know no bounds.. We enjoy our discussions and see how much we have learnt over the course of Viviamo..


The Summer School is reaching its end and the atmosphere of farewell is in the air. We are working on our thank you presentation for Dana and Flavius, frequently cracking-up as we remind ourselves all the stories of the past two weeks….  What incredible generosity we have encountered from our hosts and Partners!


Our lunch consist of the remaining food from a generous sponsor’s supplies. Those who are leaving today prepare sandwiches for their trip. We all seem sad at the prospect of the imminent end of the Summer School.


We are all gathered in the session hall to show our thanks to Dana and Flavius through our creative work. Familiar melodies (‘The wheels on the bus’ and ‘Oh when the Saints’) which were rehearsed in the mini-bus many times over the last days, accompany the sung story of these two weeks.  Once our Viviamo hit singles and tributes to Dana and Flavius are over, we project the most eloquent photos onto the wall.


We meet for our farewell party at our favourite gathering place – Delia’s house. On the way there, we pick up some pizzas and make up strategies how to avoid the vegetarian ones. Sitting on the terrace, we have a lot of fun over the pictures from the whole course of the Summer School. The more we enjoy the homemade wine, the less sensitive our comments on the pictures become. Some of us are aware we need to sleep a bit before we leave for the plane at 4am. The others continue to dance and talk until 3.30am and then head straight to the airport for the 5.30am flight – making the end of their stay in Romania a blissful and exhilarating memory.  We cannot wait to return next year..