Viviamo Summer School: Day 6 – Human Rights & United Nations System

Saturday, 24th August



 Hey, where is everybody? The kitchen where we usually have our breakfast is empty like the fridge at the interns’ flat. There is no sign of any movement, no sign of life in any other room either. The memory of festive hours accompanying the previous night is still circulating in sleeping minds. The smell of the freshly made coffee is intervening in the drowsy atmosphere of a Saturday morning and life starts again.



People are gathering in the session hall. It is visible on the yawning faces that an extra hour of sleep is generally appreciated but not sufficient. It is time to revise what the first week of the Summer School has been about and go back to a reflection on human dignity and human rights. Participants are split into several groups. Each of them is working on different presentations which consist of personal memories, experiences and thoughts based upon pictures Oliver and others have made so far.



Plastic cups in Romanian national colours are spread on tables together with their unpopular comrades – plastic plates and plastic cutleries. A traditional Romanian meal is being served and interns from Brussels are enjoying the real art of living – the one of eating. Thanks to exceptional negotiating skills of Father Flavius we are sponsored by a big meat producing company. Interns’ dreams are coming true… a real meal with real meat.



Boys have quietly disappeared. We, girls, understood that the goal of their trip to the countryside is fishing at the lake. What we didn’t understand is why we were left behind in the town centre. Anyway, we will find a way to enjoy ourselves.



Girls and David and Darius are leaving to Delia’s home which is just on the outskirts of Targu Mures. We are drinking cocktails at the swimming pool in the beautiful garden and watch the mountains surrounding the town. Could there a more peaceful place in this world at this moment?



We are having dinner at Dana’s place. Boys have come back from fishing. They refuse to have dinner with us claiming that they are not hungry anymore; they slip into their rooms. We don’t know what happened at the lake and they are not very talkative either. Their stiff faces don’t seem to share their experience with us. One thing is clear: they haven’t brought any fish for dinner.



The Youth centre comes to life for a brief moment: people are leaving for their favourite pubs at the near funfair park….