Viviamo Summer School: Day 7 – The Role of Culture (Leisure – The Basis of Culture)


Sunday 23rd of July


8am – Some of the participants and Staff of Viviamo attends the Sunday service led by Father Flavius. Viviamo was again announced at the end of the liturgy and we were welcomed with nods and smiles by the kindly parishioners.  The atmosphere is really wonderful. We plan to spend the whole day on experiencing the culture and enjoying leisure time.



10am – Delia, a colleague of the Mihet family, generously offered us the chance to use her garden, swimming pool and home for the day. With the further promise of a barbeque, participants and Viviamo staff gather together at the front of the Youth Centre excited by the thought of a whole day relaxing and having fun in the sun.


11:00 am

We go to a market in Targu Mures to buy necessary things for the planned barbecue. Hills of watermelons, kilos of peppers and hundreds of tomatoes suddenly appear everywhere. Everything comes from the nearest region and is 100 percent natural.


12pm –

After arriving to the home of our Romanian friend, we prepare breakfast and the party gets started. We know that humans are unique among creatures in their ability to engage in leisure: therefore, we do not fear leisure or consider it to be a waste! We in fact are most fully human when we are at leisure – especially we – the youth. 


We quickly make ourselves lunch and some of us run in search of shade from the heat of the sun while others run in search of the swimming pool. There is a lot of laughing and shouting as people are thrown into the water and as people show off their diving skills. Some participants try to catch Father Flavius to throw him in the pool but not even five men are able to catch him!


To rest and dry-off after a game of water-polo, we play frisbee or sunbathe. At the beginning, everyone is brave, however the later it gets, the more sun-cream is used. Father Flavius and the boys start preparing the barbecue in a scout way – making a huge fire by one match.


2:00 pm

We decide to learn a useful skill –we learn to juggling! Nobody knows if Kev has ever worked in a circus!


3:00 pm

There is much laughter as many hands try to build and start the fire for the Barbeque. Before long there is a wonderful smell of the burning wood which adds to the great atmosphere in the garden. With the radio playing throughout the garden, some of the Viviamo staff start their own band, using swimming pool equipment as microphones and cleaning nets as guitars, it’s not long before everyone is singing along to the songs.


3:40 pm

Another round of throwing people into the swimming pool starts.



We start playing volleyball in the swimming pool and other games which come to our mind. The level of water in the swimming pool is much lower than at the beginning.



The dinner from the barbecue is ready. It is delicious, however the heat of the sun is making us a little delirious: Father Flavius mistakes the sun-cream for the garlic-sauce!


6:30 pm

We still have plenty of energy – we come back to the swimming pool, play frisbee, talk, laugh..


7:00 pm

Another break for a watermelon.



Time to start cleaning


9pm – Completely relaxed and well fed from the day, we say our farewells to our kind hostess and head home ready for the fantastic week ahead.