Viviamo Summer School: Magdalena’s adventure

“Viviamo’s” program was tempting but it was a long way away. I, as a hard working intern, after lecture on the “Declaration on responsible stewardship”, was sitting in the WYA office in Brussels focusing on my duties. However, I asked my sweet boss, Emilia, if they still need some staff in Romania. Her answer was: yes, and my adventure started!

It was Thursday afternoon. I left office thinking how to get to Romania. Few phone calls and I got two names of two unknown guys (this is how fast WYA-net is working!).

Friday morning. Emilia, Phil, Christina and Jana were already at the airport on the way to Budapest. I was arranging my duties for next week and in meantime I called the first number. “Hi, it’s Magdalena, I got your number from Emilia…”, “I don’t know Emilia!” was the answer! So I started from the beginning: “Aha, but I know that Bernardo called you in my case…”, “Bernardo didn’t call me since one week!”. When we figured things out and we knew who called whom and why, I asked Ales (it was the name of a stranger) what time tomorrow we can leave. “I’m gonna leave today as soon as possible, are you gonna join me?”. After few a hours a small suitcase, sleeping bag and me were in Ales’ car on the way to Austria.

We got to know each other during long hours in the traffic eating chicken with rice from one bowl. It was nice time until a motorbike with a young lady fall on Ales’ car. Another hour filing insurance papers and me as a witness.

Ales asked me: where do you go? My answer was simple: to “something Mures”.

I didn’t have a time to write exact address, but I knew that David, another stranger ready to help a WYA member discovering the ART OF LEAVING, should know. “Do you know David?” was another question. What could I answer? ‘NO!, not yet.’…

We arrived to Salzburg at 2.15, at 2.18 I had my train to St. Polten (don’t ask me where it is! I have no idea! Somewhere in Austria J I knew that hardly anybody speaks English in Austria, but I didn’t expect so much trouble because of that (my German is quite pathetic). So, I was coming in and going out from that train 3 times because I couldn’t understand if this is the right train (everybody was telling me something completely opposite). A group of young, drunk Austrians made fun of me, which made me mad! But I survived.

Finally I went to St. Polten at 5a.m.and I got out from the train. I was searching for David’s mother, who was supposed to pick me up from the station. I saw only a man and a boy waving, so I turned back and left. They ran after me calling my name. I turned back and they had a paper, on it was written: ‘Magdalena?’. That was David’s father and David’s brother. I apologized for not waving back and we went to their house where a bed was waiting for me. I felt relief like I have never felt before (maybe in NY when I found the address in Manhattan coming by myself from an airport, but this is another story of my traveling with WYA, or rather without 😉

When I woke up after two hours I saw a guy in the house. I guessed that it was David. I was showed the town (really nice!!) and David took me for a party with his friends. We stayed over the night in countryside in mountains (David said that there were hills, but for me – these were mountains)! It was very heard to explain David’s friends what is was that I was actually doing there and from where I know him… (I answered that from his house)! We had 3 meters high “bonfire” in which David and his friend were burning the notes from school (they just finished school with final examination). It was crazy experience! I felt so attached by that that I took some of those notes and burnt them with pleasure 😉

Sunday was very nice! DOM, the church we went for a mass to, is just amazing! After that we had a great dinner with the family! I missed that so much (but I’m not complaining! my INTERN-Family in Brussels is really great). I went cycling with David’s brother and I played football with his sisters (but I finished after 10 minutes, because I was injured).

In the evening we left the family. I had the feeling that I “experienced” those people like one can experience phenomenon. It was phenomenon of love and goodness.

On the way we picked up Richard, another stranger from the WYA net, and we started our trip. It took us 15 hours to get to Targu Mures -15 hours with average speed 50/km, because David followed EVERY sign on the road (so even 25 year old Dacia’s were coming before us). But we arrived safely.

I saw smiling face of my lovely boss Emilia and I felt that this view was worthy all of those adventures.

Now I’m in Romania thinking: how will I come back to Brussels?