VIVIAMO! – World Youth Alliance announces Global Habitat Project



Viviamo!, Italian for “We live!”, is a new annual WYA project that showcases best practices in development work.   In honor of the International Year of Habitat, we have chosen HABITAT for 2006’s theme.

Each of the five WYA Regions has identified a community-based project that is effectively building living environments that address the needs and desires of the person.  The projects will be presented to WYA members and regional and international leaders during WYA training, advocacy, and cultural events. 

The 2006 selections for Viviamo! were chosen as concrete examples of habitat developments that enable the human person to flourish and build up the community.  They are effective initiatives in which the ingenuity of each person is being harnessed to find unique and creative new solutions to large scale problems.

2006 Viviamo! Selections:

Africa has selected the Nyumbani Village, a self-sustaining community being built to server orphans and their elderly caretakers who are left behind by the “lost generation” of the AIDS pandemic.

Asia Pacific has selected Gawad Kalinga, an organization building communities out of slums in the Philippines using an integrated and holistic approach.

Europe has selected  the Greek-Catholic Metropolitan Caritas, an organisation that offers a diversity of programs within the framework of the social mission of the church; in particular special social programs for children, especially those with disabilities and AIDS and assistance to the elderly and to the lonely.

Latin America has selected Acortar Distancias, a program that offers street children an integral education ranging from formal learning and art classes to skills training.

North America has selected the Katrina Cottage initiative: beautiful, permanent housing designed for the Gulf Coast environement in the style of local architecture – an alternative to the temporary FEMA trailers given to the victims of the 2006 Katrin Hurricane. 

For more information and to get involved: please contact your regional office.
For press information: please contact Anne Marie Morris

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