#WearWYA Loud and Proud With These Merchandise!

Are you one of many who have been moved by the WYA mission over the past year? 

Are you looking to support the organization in your community and share with them our mission? 

If yes, then we encourage you to take a look at some of our exclusive merchandise below!



Classic WYA Shirts (PHP 199 or 3 USD)

WYA Polo (PHP 450 or 10 USD)

WYA Dignitee Shirt (PHP 250 or 6 USD)

Dignity Pullover (PHP 850 or USD 20)

These are classic staples for any WYA member. While we may not have face to face events just yet, feel connected with fellow members around AP by sporting these apparel.

To order, visit bit.ly/wearwya.

Proceeds will go to ongoing operations of World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific.