What’s happening in the Middle East?

It has been almost 6 months since the official launching of WYA Middle East and we have been pleasantly surprised at the interest and support we have received from our ever growing membership.

This past month, we launched our summer semester (the second this year) of both the Track A Training and the internship program. Over 80 persons signed up for the Track A, the highest thus far, of which 17 got the chance to take the training in-person with our Regional Director through a series of 4 workshops he conducted in our regional office.

Our Regional Director Cedric attended the Arab States Conference for the ICPD +20 that took place in Cairo, Egypt from June 24 to June 26. He chronicles his experience with the Arab youth that attended the conference and exposes the dishonesty that took place in and out of sight. Cedric also took part in a discussion with Kofi Annan as a representative of Lebanon, along with six other country representatives to discss youth unemployement around the world. Read more about Cedric’s experiences in Cairo and with Kofi Annan on our blog!

Our Regional Director of Operations Bruna Kesserwani met with WYA members in Tunisia to discuss the plans for opening a WYA chapter in the capital Tunis, as well as other small chapters from around the country. 

Additionally, from over 60 interested applicants, 4 were chosen to participate in the summer internship, which began on June 17.

Meet our new interns!

"My name is Diala AlMasri, 20 years old, and I am currently a Political Science and International Affairs Student at the Lebanese American University. At this time, I am an intern at World Youth Alliance Middle East. Also, I am a MEPI Student Leader currently seeking to implement projects that aim to enhance the community. Prior to that, I was the Under Secretary General for School Relations and Outreach in the Global Classrooms Model United Nations. I am passionate about policy development and International Economics. Besides academics, I tend to be a global citizen fond of travelling. I am also passionate about caricature drawing and basketball."

“Hi, I’m Maya Beaini from Lebanon. I’m 20 years old and I was born in Canada. I’m currently a student in Lebanese American University Byblos majoring in Business Management, third and hopefully my last year. My passion is dancing. My interests vary between reading, meeting new people, and (mostly) eating. But ideologically, my interest is in promoting equality and justice to be found in all part of the world. A person dedicated to human rights issues beside my major of journalism. I believe the mission of the journalist reporting facts and clarifying cases should consider human rights and human needs as priorities.”

“Krystel Lteif is my name, I am 25 years old. I started my internship with WYA this summer in Beirut, and still obtaining my M2 degree in Communication and information Sciences at the Lebanese University. My main hobbies and pastimes are dancing, swimming, theater and reading. "Try to put a smile where there can’t be one", I believe this way peace start in the world.”


“Georgio Khoury is a twenty years old Lebanese, born in the historical city of Byblos. He has a Baccalaureate degree in Life Science from the school "Collège des Sœurs des Saints Cœurs" in Byblos, and is now studying computer and communications engineering at Notre Dame University and political science and administration at the Lebanese University. Georgio has received several engineering prizes and has completed different leadership skills. He is also a member in founding the Arab Youth for Freedom and Democracy Alliance and is currently enjoying his experience at the World Youth Alliance Middle East as a regional intern. " We can’t reach the absolute peace, but we have to progress through peace".”