What’s New with the Certified Training Program?

Completing WYA’s Certified Training Program (formerly known as Track A) has been part and parcel of becoming a true dignity defender. After all, the Certified Training Program houses the collection of texts that provide the philosophical underpinnings for WYA’s mission. Those who complete it are equipped to articulate and defend the principle of human dignity in the public square. It is also a gateway to participate in many of the programs of WYA (internships, specialized conferences, advocacy works, etc.)

As we approach our 20th year of defending the dignity of the human person, we bring you several updates on how we continue to work on enhancing each member’s experience with the Certified Training Program:

New Year, New Look!

This year, the first online training batch will experience the revamped version of the Online Training Zone. Some notable improvements include the website’s design, layout, and content.

New features like video chapter summaries, forums, and quizzes (available in select regions for now) may now be accessed in the online portal. Since this new version is still on beta testing, expect more improvements to be released within 2019.

An Arabic edition, coming your way

In mid-2018, select WYA members and staff gathered in Morocco to coordinate the creation of an Arabic edition of the CTP with WYA Founder and CEO Anna Halpine and WYA President Lord Leomer Pomperada. For the duration of the year, the WYA Middle East office spearheaded the translations of a number of texts with a team of active WYA members and externs. Coming into 2019, the translated texts are now ready to undergo the proofreading phase. Meanwhile, WYA Middle East and the WYA Headquarters will move forward with finding alternative texts for the remaining articles.

Watch this space for more updates on the Arabic edition of WYA’s Certified Training Program.

Interested in teaching the CTP?

Due to popular demand, an official CTP Training of Trainers kit has been developed and undergone pilot testing in 2018. It is now set to launch this year. Now, certified members who have received a very good score in their Certified Training Program and have the skills and experience in training young people are invited by their Regional Director to participate in the WYA Training of Trainers program. This will allow them to train fellow WYA members in their school or country. If you are an interested Certified member, contact your regional office to express you intent to become a trainer.