Where are We Now? The Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region

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The World Youth Alliance Middle East with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund is implementing the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region’s project with the scope to build the capacity of 620 young leaders across Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.

Throughout 2014 until today, the project concluded a training of trainers, 2 Arab forums, 33 out 40 national workshops, 50 out of 80 community activities, with the participation of 415 young leaders!

Jor W R3We are currently finalizing the 3rd round in each country and initiating with the last round across the countries. The project is divided into 4 rounds in each country, 2 rounds per year. Currently most of the trainers are finishing the third round and preparing to launch the fourth and last one.

The community awareness activities evolved around the themes of human rights, human dignity, and leadership; in sum the main values of the project and WYA. Some of activities were training for other youth to promote the rejection of extremism and terrorism, development of creative abilities and youth engagement. Others consisted on distributing bookmarks with quotes about human rights, food boxes during Ramadan, etc. Others were debates over domestic violence and the role of youth in the decision making process.

Other activities were conducted as talent shows for youth to raise their voice and express the values Leb caa r1 B2of Human Dignity and Freedom through an artistic event: poem, painting, music targeting mainly marginalized youth of rural areas. Others were training directed for children to teach them some essential soft skills and the basics of human freedom and dignity, using a child-friendly format of the ELAR training-program content.