Where Are We Now? The UN Aware Certificate

The World Youth Alliance Middle East Regional Office, in partnership with UNIC and UNESCO, initiated with the implementation of the “UN Aware” Certificate project as of November 2016. The main goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive training to future leaders that includes practical examples and hands-on training on how international priorities at the United Nations are shaped and developed. The project targets High School students from the 10th until the 12th grade from 13 public and private schools across Lebanon.

The UN Aware project is divided into four main phases: Advocacy Training, UN Day Lectures & Seminars, Develop a Fundraising Campaign, and Organizing an SDG-related Conference. We have initiated the first phase along with our UN partners. The advocacy training will be finalized by the end of January along with lectures and activities on various UN days from UN Human Rights day to World Arabic Language day.

This project is perceived as a pilot project that will end in July, based on the assessment of needs and evaluation of this initiative, our vision and those of our partner is to diffuse it through the Arab Region.

We are shaping future Leaders through education and the tangible experience of making a Change!