Winners of ‘My Family Portrait’ Contest

On May 15, 2013, the United Nations celebrated the International Day of the Family. WYA celebrated this day by announcing the winners of ‘My Family Portrait’ Contest  in which many participants from various WYA regions participated. Many of the photos and poems that were submitted truly showed the importance of family and its various roles in society, at home, and in every nation. However, only a few were chosen.  9 photos and 15 poems were chosen and posted on the WYA Facebook for voting. After 2 weeks of viewing and voting through Facebook “Likes,” a winner and a runner’s up was selected  by WYA’s global members and friends. These are the winners:

WYA PHOTO CONTEST WINNER: “Travel Buddy” by Jason Occidental from the Philippines
WYA POETRY CONTEST WINNER: “Yes, Mama” by Linet Juma from Kenya
WYA PHOTO CONTEST RUNNER UP: “Family Bonding” by Vhince Chiu from the Philippines
WYA POETY CONTEST RUNNET UP: “My Family Portrait” by Abigael Saldana from the Philippines

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to all of those who submitted their marvelous photos and poems to this contest. A special thanks also goes to the thousands who participated by casting their votes.