World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Holds Sacred Spaces Tour


Last November 28, the WYA Asia Pacific office visited two temples as part of its Inter-Faith (iFaith) activity. The participants of the tour came from various universities in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The first temple was a Muslim mosque, known as the “Masjid Al-Dahab” or the “Golden Mosque.” It is located within the busy streets of Quiapo, Manila, Philippines and is the biggest mosque in Metro Manila. A scholar of the Muslim faith, and some other members of the community, gave the participants a short overview of the religion and clarified questions the participants had regarding some practices of the Muslim faith. After the noon prayer of the community, the participants were allowed to go inside the mosque, with the male and female participants separated.

In the afternoon, the participants visited the “Khalsa Diwan” Temple, an Indian Sikh Temple in Manila. A member of the community also gave the participants an overview and a brief history of their faith. After the discussion, some of the participants partook of the temple kitchen’s food. The temple’s langar serves vegetarian food for free to all visitors who wish to eat.

The iFaith Sacred Spaces aims to foster deeper understanding of different religions as a manifestation of an individual’s dignity.