World Youth Alliance Europe to Launch Dignity Defenders Campaign 2021

June 25th 2021, Brussels – Starting 1st of July, World Youth Alliance Europe will be launching its second #DignityDefenders Campaign.

For the past 19 years, the WYA office in Brussels has been handling its internship program, holding three batches per year. Through this program, many of the projects and activities organized are made possible. With the help of their interns, WYA Europe is able to maintain its presence in European institutions and promote Human Dignity in the society.

The internship program, among others, aims at training young leaders who possess a strong desire to protect and promote human dignity while making a positive impact on society. The interns who come to the office are proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented and humble individuals with a willingness to learn. Most importantly, they believe in the mission of the World Youth Alliance by striving to use their freedom for excellence to respond to the challenges arising in today’s society.  

Each new intern accepted into the regional office brings an arsenal of skills to the table, as well as enthusiasm to make a positive impact in society. The interns accepted into the program come from different countries all over the world, having diverse cultural backgrounds and various experiences. With this internship, every intern gets the opportunity to grow and sharpen their skills, in light of WYA’s person-centered approach.

However, the European Regional Office was not immune to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis. With the #DignityDefenders Campaign they are asking for financial contribution, to help preserve the internship program and support the interns with a stipend! 

WYA Europe is calling for your help. Every financial contribution will make a difference and support their cause.

All human beings have dignity and therefore are subjects who should be respected. WYA is equipping a generation of young people with the tools necessary to propose this vision to the world and bring about a cultural transformation.

So please if you can, support and donate to our Dignity Defenders Campaign!