World Youth Alliance hosts Youth for Human Dignity and Rights Project

September 24 – 28, 2019, VIENNA – World Youth Alliance hosted the main activity of the Erasmus+ Project “Youth for Human Dignity and Rights” in Vienna. This project gathered 45 participants from all over Europe: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Poland, Portugal and Spain. This Project was organized by World Youth Alliance Austria in collaboration with World Youth Alliance Europe and aimed at raising awareness among participants about human dignity and human rights.

The participants were welcomed by Thomas Weber, the representative of the House of European Union. The whole project was an opportunity for the participants to reflect on European values and their connection to human dignity. They  took part in various workshops and activities such as the “ABC Human Dignity” where they reflected on quotes related to human rights and connected them to situations nowadays, made and presented posters, discussed about which European values were violated in their countries and presented their solutions, took part in the game “Jubilee Exercise” where they could discuss and position themselves on topics such as maternal health, surrogacy and sustainable development, received a media training in order to make a media statement and finally, they were introduced to the “Project Incubator workshop” on the last day which enabled them to design an idea  for the project aimed at promoting human rights, intercultural diversity and European values.

One of the participants, Laura Winkler, said: “Maybe it was the workshops, the interesting lectures, the training we had. It was also the theme of “Human Dignity and Human Rights”, which brought us together. If you are talking to people you have never met before about topics that are all of our concern and important to us, and where we finally realized that we have the same attitudes and values ​​beyond all cultural differences. When you get into the discussion with such a profound yet so fundamental topic, you grow together.“

The engaged youth had the opportunity to share their ideas, listen to each other and learn from other cultures, respecting each other’s opinions and experience. The activities implied interactive learning by directly involving the participants and giving them a voice, workshops, debates. It also involved project management skills so they would be prepared to take up an active role in society, echoing the wise words of Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. The young participants showed great motivation, active involvement and respect towards each other.

On the last day, they were issued their Youth Pass certificates to confirm the skills they have learned during the project.