World Youth Alliance will attend International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria in July, 2010 – Call for Delegation Applications


NEW YORK, December 4, 2009. World Youth Alliance (WYA), a global coalition of young people promoting the dignity of the human person in policy and culture, will attend the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria from July 17-23, 2010. WYA expects to take a select delegation of young people to the Conference to promote person-centered responses to HIV/AIDS and focus the debate on the real needs of the human person in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

“World Youth Alliance will once again bring the voice of young people to the International AIDS Conference in order to direct the international community’s efforts towards respecting and promoting the dignity of the human person,” states WYA Director of Advocacy, Rebecca Austen. “This year, we look forward to fruitful discussion that generates creative solutions and utilizes policies that have already proven effective in many countries.”

The International AIDS Conference is a gathering of people working in the field of HIV, along with policymakers and others concerned with ending the pandemic. It convenes once every two years. World Youth Alliance works to promote the intrinsic dignity of every human person and to promote solidarity between young people of developing and developed nations.

Those young people who are members of WYA and have completed the certified training program may apply to be a part of the WYA Delegation to the XVIII International AIDS Conference. Contact your regional director for more information, including an application and briefing packet.

For more information on WYA’s participation in the XVIII International AIDS Conference, please contact Rebecca Austen at or 212.5850757.

Download the pdf here.