World Youth Alliance will attend International Bioethics Committee Session in November

(NEW YORK: November 4, 2009) The World Youth Alliance (WYA), a global coalition of young people promoting the dignity of the human person in policy and culture, will attend the 16th Session of the International Bioethics Committee in Mexico City from November 23- 25, 2009. Members of the IBC will gather to discuss “Human Cloning and International Governance”, among other issues. WYA Latin America Director, Lourdes Villanueva, and WYA North America Committee Member, Gina Fullam, will participate in the session by promoting the understanding that all human beings have dignity, and that only a ban on all forms of human cloning, as envisioned in the United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning, would respect that dignity.

“It is important that the United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning is interpreted in a holistic manner,” states WYA Director of Advocacy, Rebecca Austen. “Delegations worked very hard leading up to the passage of the Declaration in 2005 to create a text in which all forms of human cloning were condemned.”

The International Bioethics Committee is a body of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which has 36 members and seeks to ensure respect for human dignity and freedom in the life sciences. It convenes at least once a year. The World Youth Alliance works to promote the intrinsic dignity of every human person and to promote solidarity between young people of developing and developed nations. WYA trains young people to articulate and defend policies that are person-centered and promote authentic human development.

For more information on WYA’s participation in the 16th Session, please contact Rebecca Austen at or 212.5850757. 

Download the press release here.