WYA advocacy team participating in UN Commission for Social Development

Led by Director of Advocacy Becky Austen and UN Advocacy Specialist Shannon Joseph, WYA members from all five regions are participating in the 47th session of the Commission for Social Development from February 4th – 13th, 2009.

The theme of this year’s commission is "social integration," with special emphasis on integrating youth, persons with disabilities, and older persons.

In addition to Becky and Shannon, the advocacy team includes Stephanie Schrevere (France), Tessy Omina (Kenya), Frank Chiu (Philippines), Marystella Ramirez (El Salvador), Zeina Ghazzi (Lebanon), Peggy Li (Canada), Casey Downing (USA), Kelly Kirby (USA), Philip Waggoner (USA), Marie Murray (USA), and Kelly Schulz (USA).  


Stay tuned!

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Watch Shannon deliver WYA’s oral statement at the commission!

Read WYA’s written statement on the theme of this year’s commission.

Read our conference journal Esperanza!

  • Issue 1, "Promoting Social Integration through Intergenerational Solidarity" by Kelly Schulz
  • Issue 2, "Relationship Building to Foster Social Integration" by Peggy Li