WYA Africa 2019 Dignity Forum with JKUAT Karen Law School

World Youth Alliance Africa in partnership with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Karen, Law School, hosted the Dignity Forum 2019 on Thursday, February 28, 2019. The forum was organized based on the theme “Good Governance by the Youth”, building up on the Global theme of “Good Governance and Human Flourishing “. We had a great representation of youth in attendance from Universities and a local high school, allowing the forum to meet one of its core target of greater youth engagement on issues around human dignity.

The forum started at 10:00 am with Dr. Jack Mwimali, Dean JKUAT Karen Law School giving the welcoming remarks followed by Ms. Patricia Ahawo Gwambo giving an introduction to World Youth Alliance and introducing the keynote speaker, Mr. Gitobu Imanyara who encouraged the youth to get involved and fruitfully engage in matters like governance as they use the tools in their hands such as social media for positive gain. He also admonished them from rising deterrents to reaching their full potential such as engaging in excessive betting and quick money schemes that undermines the value of authentic work to earn a living. There were presentations by Law students, Mr. Eric Koech & Ms. Faith Kabora from Kabarak Law school, who defined Good Governance and detailed the 8 tenets it entails not limited to but including rule of law and public participation. Amongst others, Ms. Wambui Njehu from The University of Nairobi School of Law brought home the link between human dignity and good governance in highlighting the work we undertake as WYA. Meanwhile, Ms. Jentrix Wanyama & Mr. Adrian Nyiha from Strathmore Law school reminded us of the need for virtuous leadership that calls for excellence and a proper foundation of decision making as regards good governance. This was followed by presentations from three panelists; Mr. Raymond Kaniu on Land Reforms, Mr. Stephen Nzusa on community engagement and the active roles youth should play and Ms. Sarah Muthiga on the engagement with the government bodies that can result in positive outcomes in working towards good governance, she challenged the youth to rise to a place of excellence in all they do.

The core issues discussed at the Forum ranged from corruption and its adverse effects on the economy, accountability, Land systems in Kenya, equity and inclusiveness, the importance of public participation in achieving Good Governance and the way forward in achieving good governance. The recommendations all inclined towards encouraging young people to take part and practice good governance through respecting human dignity and using their freedom for excellence in their daily lives. The audience was highly elated by the presentations and they responded by posing questions to the panelists who gave their responses at the end of the presentations in a session moderated by a WYAA member Ms. Wangeci Mwaniki and Mr. Erick Koech.

We are particularly grateful to the JKUAT Karen Law School as the hosts, the National Police Service Legal Affairs Office, Land Layby Limited, Strathmore Law School, Mwanga Wa Uwasi Teen Pregnancy Awareness, Upper Hill Boys High School and everyone who contributed to the success of the Forum. Asante Sana!