WYA Africa at Nyumbani Children’s Home

Monday, July 4 was different from other Mondays. Dressed in casual jeans and tops, the WYA Africa team went out to visit and play with Nyumbani children who are living with HIV. Upon arrival at the children’s home, they were received by the director who talked about the home and the challenges some of the youth face including being stigmatised by others who learn about their condition.

WYA Africa staff and interns met young children ages 2-9 once their classes were over. The children were in high spirits, very friendly, and welcoming. WYA Africa and the Nyumbani children played various games that demonstrated the importance of team play (solidarity).

After the various games, everyone assembled in a hall where the guest of the day Pamella Oddotte taught the children about human dignity through a short story. Pamella’s story was understood by majority judging from the response of the children during the question and answer session.

The day ended with the presentation of some gifts like books and snacks to the children. The children were so happy to receive them. Most of the children that team WYA Africa met had great ambitions for the future. WYA Africa hopes that they were able to inspire them to achieve their ambitions. The childrens’ joy and passion for greatness touched WYA Africa staff and interns.

WYA Africa thank the Nyumbani Children’s Home Directors for allowing such a wonderful time with the children to take place, and Pamella Oddotte for planning and inviting the team to the event. It was definitely one of the best Mondays the interns had during their internship.

Written by Lilian Odongo, currently part of the Africa internship Batch 2 2016.