WYA Africa attends the Freedom From Hunger Walk

The World Youth Alliance participated in the Kenya Freedom From Hunger Walk #KFFHWalk that was held on 16th June 2018 in Nairobi. The objective of the walk was to create awareness on the significance of the conservation of water catchment areas in the country so as to ensure sustainable food security in the country. The goal of the walk resonated with the values advocated by World Youth Alliance especially on the importance of responsibility.



The Kenya Freedom from Hunger Council and National Cereals and Produce Board were the main organisers of the event. World Youth Alliance assisted in the fund-raising and also sent members to participate in the walk. Participants marched for approximately 20km around Nairobi City beginning at Nyayo Stadium-Handball court. The  day was filled with excitement due to the numerous joyous school children, from various schools within the city, who also attended the walk, the presence of an entertaining marching band and plenty of refreshments for replenishment of energy.


The chairperson of the KFFHC addressed the attendants before the walk on the importance of preserving our water towers, the benefits of being a food secure country and the role of the individual with regards to this. He also awarded the various organisations that were represented. Other major participants of the event were Kenya School of Law and PC Kinyajui Technical College.