WYA Africa attends TICAD VI

TattemptICAD VI was hosted in Kenya, a positive sign of the willingness of the Japanese government to collaborate on finding practical solutions for the development of the African region. WYA Africa was able to attend some of the forums where core issues were being discussed and presented.


The inaugural youth forum was an opportunity to deliberate on the role of the youth in development as the the Japanese Government made a positive gesture in promising USD 70 million towards the development agenda. At this meeting, a youth declaration Ticad VI Youth Declaration was presented and signed. WYA Africa was also a signatory in this document with promises for future engagement in the creation of an action plan for the young people in Africa and the world.

Reported by Vanessa Cherese, WYA Africa Regional Director of Operations & Ahawo Patricia Gwambo, WYA Africa Regional Director.