WYA Africa Conducts Intro Sessions in Tanzanian High Schools

July 11, 2020, Tanzania  – World Youth Alliance Africa held introductory sessions for the Certified Training Program and teenFEMM for students from 2 high schools in Mwanza, Tanzania. The sessions brought together 25 students from St. Joseph’s girls’ seminary and 32 boys from Fr. Ramon boys’ high school. The boys were also introduced to the teenMEN program which is a critical program for teaching human physiology and reproductive health in the context of human dignity.

The introductory session was conducted by David Kisache, the 2019 Vanessa Cherese Scholarship Fund recipient. David who recently finished his internship at the World Youth Alliance headquarters in New York is currently in Tanzania conducting training and introducing WYA to more young people in the country.

We want to sincerely thank Father Celestine Nyanda and the Archdiocese of Mwanza for hosting David and for facilitating the meetings to conduct these sessions with the schools.

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