WYA Africa Conducts Mentorship for Partner High Schools

November 28th, 29th, and December 6th 2020 – The World Youth Alliance Africa partnered with the Mercy Education office (MEO) run by the Sisters of Mercy in Kenya, and the Africa Jesuits Aids Network (AJAN) to visit three high schools in Nairobi to carry out mentorship for form four students who will be sitting their national examination in early 2021.  The three organizations visited St Anne’s Secondary school, Our lady of Mercy Shauri Moyo, and Our lady of Mercy South B.

The mentorship was tailored around lessons of Dignity, Freedom for excellence, HIV, and AIDS as well as responsible decision making particularly in regards to drug abuse among youth in Kenya. Wangeci Mwaniki, the head of the WYA Nairobi Chapter was the emcee for the sessions and she ensured the engagement was very lively and interactive. The students were given an opportunity in the afternoons to ask questions anonymously regarding the training they undertook as well as general questions on matters such as career choice and what to expect once they transition into the University. The WYA Africa team took the opportunity to invite them to apply for the regional internship, the certified training program and also welcomed them to volunteer to support WYA clubs in high schools.

At the end of each day, the teams conducted short one on one sessions with the students, where they were encouraged to continue to study hard and to join the WYA clubs within their schools as club activities are to resume in January once the schools re-open.  The team was able to interact with at least 100 students in each school and ensured that all COVID19 safety precautions were strictly adhered to.

The WYA Africa team extends their gratitude to both MEO and AJAN for being part of these memorable and important mentorship sessions for the young people in these schools.