WYA Africa Discussion on Kenya Reproductive Health Care Bill


On Friday 15 August 2014, WYA Africa organised a brief discussion on the Kenya Reproductive Health Care Bill, 2014, for young people, at the WYA Regional Office in Nairobi. This was timely, as the discussion continues all over Kenya regarding this particular bill, and as young people, we need to be constantly aware of the direction that society is taking, so that we are better prepared to plan for any consequences, or even improve the direction that society takes in policy matters. This bill remains under discussion in the Kenya National Assembly. WYA Africa submitted proposals to its amendments together with many civil society organisations and individuals two months ago at a public hearing in Nairobi.

That Friday afternoon, we had members and other young people come together to have a general overview of the bill, and re-think its consequences, in light of the experiences that young people have today.

It is always important for all of us to find time to ask ourselves whether the ideas we individually promote are worthy of the future societies that we want. The societies we want will be affected by the legislation, and the values that we choose to enshrine in this legislation. WYA’s Track A Training does prepare one to constantly remain optimistic since it allows one to know the state of our world in light of where we are coming from with the varied ideologies that we bombarded the world. We indeed cannot know where we are going unless we know where we are coming from, and Track A allows us to know where we are coming from, in light of the current ideologies. It helps to form our intellect better.

It was easy to use the WYA White Papers to prepare for the discussion, particularly, that on Sexual Education, Reproductive Health and Maternal Health. These give the background to a holistic view of the human person in light of these very topical issues that our world is debating.

At the discussion, it was very easy to see that the same ideas that spurred the founding of WYA (where 32 young people proposed abortion as a human right, sexual rights for children, and deletion of parents rights) were, among many others, the same ideas being promoted in the Kenya Reproductive Health Care Bill. Today, this is not only taking place at the international level, but very much near us every day. We need all of us to do the best we can to keep alert, and so as to move forward with a world that cherishes values and has an ordered sense of who the human person is. At WYA, we will continue to cheerfully stand up to the ideas we cherish at WYA, that of fostering a culture that affirms the dignity of each individual made up of the rational faculty of the intellect and will.

As young people, we could easily get confused in the chaos around us. At WYA, we know that truth and values are at the heart of what we do. Our mission motivates us, and gives us hope to continue giving to society an authentic voice for the human person.

We thank those who found time and came to the discussion. We know you not only enjoyed the discussion but also the snacks, because you left behind nothing.  Be sure to apply to the Emerging Leaders Conference 2014, which will take place in Nairobi from Thursday 09 to Friday 10 October. See you then.