WYA Africa Film Screening | The Book Thief

WYAA Book Thief 03WYA Africa hosted the film screening The Book Thief on Friday 13th February 2015. We had 40 film lovers attending at the WYA Africa office. New members signed the Charter after the movie.

The film was about a girl who stole books and read them with his father and friend, as a way to enrich their life during the horrible times in the Nazi Germany. Loyalty, honesty and friendship were wonderfully displayed. A discussed followed after the film. The attendants learnt about loyalty, friendship, love and about taking chances. They also learnt how they can get out from horrible times at least in their heads by doing what they loved most. It was a fun discussion.

In the end, the Regional Interns had introduced themselves and announced upcoming activities WYAA Book Thief 02and events. WYA Africa Staff and Intern along with all the attendants had refreshments and mingled for a moment; meeting new people, talking to new people and exchanging thoughts.

We thank all those who came for the Film Screening. We look forward to meeting you again during the events for the 2015 Kenya Life Week too later this month. We also thank our Regional Interns and staff for putting the entire script together. Asanteni sana, thank you very much.