WYA Africa Holds a Successful Solidarity Call for the Region

Friday, June 26th 2020 – The World Youth Alliance Africa held its first solidarity call for the whole region bringing together members from over 13 countries in Africa. The WYA Global President Lord Pomperada made a special appearance to interact and talk with the participants.

The call started with fun icebreakers from the very enthusiastic emcee, Boniface Omina. Pomperada then talked about his journey with the World Youth Alliance from being a member to the Director for the Asia Pacific regional office to now leading all the 6 regions as the WYA Global President. He then introduced the World Youth Alliance to new members who were interacting with WYA for the first time.

The WYA Africa Regional Director, Cynthia Maingi then spoke to the participants about WYA Africa’s journey in the continent. She gave a brief history of the programs WYA has for young people in the region and the number of countries that have been represented in the Regional Internship.

Kevin Alando, the Director of Operations then talked about the WYA Certified Training Program and his experience having done the course. This was followed by a question and answer session right before ending the call with a fun group photo.