WYA Africa Holds an Advocacy Training Session

Nov. 15, 2019, Nairobi, Kenya – World Youth Alliance Africa held an Advocacy training session at the WYA Africa office in Cara House, Nairobi, Kenya on November 15th 2019. The session was facilitated by Director of Advocacy Nadja Wolfe and the Regional Director of Advocacy Europe, Mislav Barisic. In attendance was the Africa Regional Director, Cynthia Wangari Maingi, WYA Africa Batch 3 2019 interns, and invited students from local universities.

Nadja Wolfe ran a 2-hour session on advocacy training which touched on advocacy writing and language training in advocacy documents where she gave insights about the advocacy internship at the WYA headquarters in New York. She mentioned some of the work the advocacy interns do at the office and at the United Nations.

Mislav Barisic led a 2-hour session on media which touched on how to handle oneself during interviews and gave tips on the same. Participants then asked a number of questions concerning advocacy before being grouped into pairs to debate and assess their comprehension of the just concluded media training.