WYA Africa Holds the 2017 African Arts Forum

The 2017 African Arts Forum was held on 19th August at Michael Joseph’s Centre at 10:00am with the theme “Art for Positive Change”. This was well brought out in the artists pencil work, photographs, poems, songs, spoken words and dance.

The meeting point was at the Michael Joseph’s centre at 8am where there was a brief introduction among the WYAA staff, volunteers, and the MC’s on the responsibilities and the programs of the day. After setting up, registration began as attendees and artists started arriving. The event officially kicked off with an introduction of WYA and the various activities and programs that WYA Africa offered.

The event focused on giving artists of all genres a free space to enable them to showcase their art and their talent for everyone to see. There was perfect harmony in combining all the different art genres and the Mc’s David and Edward kept everyone entertained and jovial throughout the event. The audience expressed feelings of love, hope and encouragement which was clearly seen and expressed in the way that everyone interacted with each other.

There were amazing performances that set the mood for the day, with artists such as Klaus Panyiro, Kevin Grands, Dalys Banks, and Vanessa Pym just to name a few.

After the lunch break, the event was graced by Professor Mwachofi who is a well experienced professor on culture from USIU-Africa. He has immense knowledge on culture and experience when it comes to working with the youth. His love for yoga was very distinguished.

We then watched a thrilling and exciting salsa dance from Diana Kolek, followed by an encouraging talk from Dj Velko who spoke about passion. This in turn was followed by a deep and contemplative phase where we listened to Kiilu play the piano for Boniface who was performing spoken word. The event was full of interesting activities, including a Mannequin challenge in which everyone was able to take part and enjoy. There was also interactive time during the exhibition where the artists and participants shared and gave their ideas.

We sincerely thank Safaricom for sponsoring the event space, and to everyone who attended and participated for making the event a success.