WYA Africa Holds the 8th Annual Emerging Leaders Conference

The 8th Annual Africa Emerging Leaders Conference was held in partnership with the Uganda Christian University Law School on Wednesday, 4th October, at Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda. The Theme for this year’s conference was The Role of Lawyers in Contemporary Society: Addressing the Migrant Question’. The conference attracted 493 delegates from Uganda, Republic of Somaliland, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Congo, and Cameroon. We had new members signing up to commit to WYA in defending the dignity and value of the human person.

Various speakers shared their thoughts on the theme; both in relation to the law and the contemporary thinking and attitudes we should have in our approach to the migrant question. The speakers shared their experience and knowledge in working under departments that handled cases of the immigrants and how their efforts are changing the world– all while admitting that there is still more to be done. Additional speakers who shared the floor with the other intellectual speakers were our very own Kevin Alando, the WYAA Regional Director of Operations. He was accompanied by Rose Wanjuki, one of our Batch 3 2017 interns, who made a presentation that detailed the organization’s values and the various ways in which we promote the dignity of the human person.

WYA Africa extends a hand of gratitude to the Uganda Christian University Law School for the collaboration, their hospitality, and for what was an enriching experience for all who attended.