WYA Africa hosts 11th Emerging Leaders Conference

Friday, December 3, 2021, World Youth Alliance Africa hosted its annual Emerging leaders Conference, with the theme “Protecting Life in a Fast-Changing World. The conference aimed at enlightening young people in understanding and examining the question of how we value the human person and why we should formulate Person-centered policies and laws and was attended by over 150 participants from all over Africa.

The conference started with an introduction from the WYA Africa Regional Director, Ms. Cynthia Maingi, who then introduced the emcee for the day, Ms. Joy Wangui, the WYA Regional Program Assistant. Joy led the sessions by giving introductions to the amazing speakers.

The first speaker for the day, Caroline Maingi, the WYA Africa Advisory board Chair gave a detailed talk on the theme “Protecting Life in a Fast-Changing World while also tackling a topic on “Contemporary Matters on Reproductive Health as Presented in Policy Spaces”

The second speaker Sofia Piecuch, the WYA Director of Advocacy, then spoke about “True Compassion in End-of-Life Care.” Focusing on the World Youth Alliance  Assisted suicide and Euthanasia white paper

The final speaker Hannah Moturi, who is currently serving in the WYA Africa steering committee spoke about “The Relationship between the law and the human person.”

After the insightful speaker presentations, the session was followed by an engaging Question and Answer session. The regional directors, Cynthia Maingi and Kevin Alando chipped in to help respond to questions from the attendees. The MC then wrapped up the Conference by thanking everyone who attended, including the speakers, and the WYAA staff for helping organize the conference.