WYA Africa hosts a movie screening and advocacy get-together

September 24, 2016—WYA Africa held an advocacy get-together and movie screening at their office in Cara House Karen. The Regional Director Patricia Ahawo Gwambo led the discussion on advocacy-related events that WYA has participated in this year: International Solidarity Forum held in New York, UNCTAD and TICAD held in Nairobi.

The movie The Interpreter was screened highlighting diplomacy as one of the solutions for world peace. Members had a chance to network among themselves and acquire knowledge on issues regarding human dignity.

“The event happened on a Saturday which was an ideal time for a hang-out. We got to learn about UNCTAD, ISF and TICAD. We also learned about the World Youth Alliance and got to interact with the staff.

We had snacks and watched a movie together…All things considered, this is a very decent film. I had a fun day and learned a lot. I look forward to many more events by WYA.”

—Valerie Wanjiku, participant

“The staff was ready to assist in any way possible. [They were] very open and welcoming [and] through them I was able to learn about WYA and their values. After all was said and done, we had snacks together and watched a movie. The movie was The Interpreter, a 2005 film which had actors like Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. The day was well-organised. I had fun and learned so much. I look forward to many more events like this.”

—Hard Kamweru, participant

Report by Juliet Chepkurui,  currently on Batch 3 Internship at WYA Africa Regional Office